Scientific equipment available for the Plankton Ecology and Biogeochemistry research group (EPB). Centro Oceanográfico de A Coruña

  • Research vessel Lura (
  • Oceanographic rosette (Seabird SBE 32 subcompact)
  • CTD (Seabird SBE-25, SBE-911)
  • Niskin bottles (various sizes: 1.5 – 20 L)

Plankton nets:

  • Bongo (various sizes)
  • WP2 (50 cm diameter)

Microscopy laboratory:

  • Stereomicroscopes (Nikon SMZ, Optiphot; Leica MZ8)
  • Inverted microscopes (Nikon Eclipse TE)
  • Epifluorescence microscope (Nikon Eclipse 80i)

Flow cytometers:

  • Flow cytometers (Becton Dickinson FacScalibur; Beckman CytoFLEX)

Plankton image analyzers:

  • Flow image analyzer (FlowCAM)
  • Flat scanner (ZooSCAN)

Radioisotope laboratory:

  • Radioactive instalation (2nd class, non-encapsulated sources) approved by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN). Reference CSN: IRA-2189. Liquid scintillation counters (Perkin Elmer TriCarb)

Molecular biology laboratory:

  • Termocyclers for PCRs and RT-PCR (BIO-RAD T-100, BIO-RAD MyiQ2)
  • Gel-DOC (BIO-RAD XR)
  • PCR-UV cabin (UVP)
  • UV crosslinker (UVP CL-1000)
  • Hybridization oven (Labnet ProBlot)

Nutrient analysis service:

  • Segmented flow analyzer (Seal Analytics Quattro)

High purity deionized water:

  • Water deionizers (Merck-Millipore Ellix y Milli-Q)

Other equipment:

  • Spectrofluorimeter (Perkin Elmer LS50B)
  • Precision scales (Mettler-Toledo, varios modelos, precision: 0.002 – 10 mg)
  • Gas chomatograph with FID detector (Shimadzu GC-2010)
  • Ovens and muffle furnaces (Heraeus, SELECTA, Carbolite, various models)
  • Refrigerated centrifuge (MPW 351R)
  • Vacuum pumps (Millipore, GAST, Eyela)
  • Laboratory glassware washer (Miele G7883)
  • Fridges and freezers (various models)
  • Ultrafreezer (New Brunswick U570)
  • Gas extraction cabinets (LABOLAN IDL FLOW LAN)
  •  Criogenic containers (Air Liquide, various sizes: 5 – 35 L)

Computing and modelling facilities (external):

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